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Google Now Links to Different Sections of a page

A few days ago I was doing some research for a Google Penguin recovery case study. I noticed that one of the results was different than all the other ones. It was a snippet of a website that contained several links to sections of that page. It looked like this:


That’s something I have never seen in Google results before. We all know that sometimes Google shows multiple snippets with links to a website, but this is the first time I see links to different sections of a page.

The snippet proves once again that Google loves structured data and gives value to content that’s correctly organized. Structured data is the best way to improve your website in SERPs, and this is how you can give search engines more instructions about your content.

The easiest way to arrange your data and increase your chances of having better SERPs is to use ordered lists and also link to different sections of the same page. It helps the user, and Google bots easily navigate through your website and better understand where they can find your data.

How to add links to different sections of a page

Links within pages are just like the table of content from books. Here’s how to do this on your website, using HTML.

  1. Add the following anchor where your section starts:<a name=”#mysection”></a>
  2. Add this code where you want to link to your page section:<a href=”#mysection”> About my section</a>

Simply replace #mysection with your section name and then replace the URL from 2nd step.


In this example, I will create a link that will scroll your browser to the top of the page.

By adding the code:  <A NAME=”#top”></a> at the top of the page and then linking to this section using: <a href=”#top”>Click on this link</a> .

Click on this link, to scroll to the top.


Just by adding links to sections of your page, it doesn’t mean you will get the same results in Google immediately. Nevertheless, this will improve your chances of getting better SERPs and more exposure.

Have you seen similar SERPs before? What’s your take on this?




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