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[scenarios] When Monitor Backlinks is really useful!

SEO is not for technical people anymore. Some knowledge won’t hurt and it’s not that complicated.

Anyone in the company can (and should) use their network and abilities to get links:
    – Writing content on the company blog, or on their personal blogs.
    – Approach other bloggers in your industry to write on their blogs (guest blogging)
    – Going to conferences (speaking or start-up contests)
Even if you get 3-5 links / month is good enough to grow steady in Google rankings.
So how can Monitor Backlinks help you get and keep those new links?
[SCENARIO #1] A well known blogger reviews your product/site

We check every day for new links to your website and we send you an e-mail with a link to that article.

You can leave a comment on that article thanking the blogger and asking for feedback from his readers.
You are aware of what is happening with your brand outside your website and the community will see you active and listening.

[SCENARIO #2] You acquire a valuable SEO link, but it gets removedIf you find really good websites that write about your niche and you want them to link to you, you maybe pay them so they can add banner with link to you on their home page or to write an article about you. You just got a really valuable link, but you payed something for it.What if that site removes your link after 1 month. Monitor Backlinks will let you know that you lost that link so you can contact the owner of that site to get your link back.

[SCENARIO #3] Your competition is actively building linksYour competition is searching for new website to get links from and he is getting good backlinks.We will monitor their activity and send you an e-mail when he get new links. You can reach out to the owners of those sites and get backlinks.

Tip: Use SEO Autodiscover feature to automate this notification tasks for your domains.

SEO for Business with SEO Autodiscover
The product may look a bit technical, but for what I said above, it’s enough to connect with Google Analytics and setup your domain and competition(optional), and you will get all the important notifications via e-mail. 
It takes 2 minutes to setup.

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