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How to add links to monitor [Step-by-Step Guide]

There are three ways you can add links to monitor:

1. manually (individually)
2. multiple importing them from a file
3. using the Bookmarklet feature

In this step-by-step tutorial I am going to explain you each of these methods you can use to add new links to Monitor Backlinks.

I. Add links manually / individually

Go to dashboard (you have to be logged in) and click “Add links“.

Add links - Monitor Backlinks dashboard

Then, fill in the fields:

Add links manually to Monitor Backlinks Add links manually (Filled In) - Monitor Backlinks

1 (required): Link from – Put the source URL (Site A – where the links comes from).


2 (required): Link to – Put the target url (Site B – where the link goes to).


3: Expires – Choose when your backlink is going to expire

Ex.: 6 months

4: Tags – You can group links by adding tags. Put the name of the tag and then press enter.

Ex.: Book Depository Network

5. Notes – You can write notes about your backlink. Simply fill the field with everything which you think is relevant for your backlink.

Ex: Manually email them if their link status has changed.

6. Submit

After you completed the fields click “Submit” and your link will be added to dasboard and will be automatically monitored by our tool.

II. Add links by multiple importing them from a file

1. Go to dashboard (you have to be logged in). Put the mouse over “My links” button in the menu, then click “Import multiple links“.

Click import multiple links

2. Click “Choose file”.

Import multiple links

3. Navigate in your computer and choose your Excel file.

Note: You can import links from Excel, using a *.CSV or a *.TXT file.

Choose file from computer

Your file must contain your backlinks one per line and should be separated by ” , ” (if .txt) or by columns (if .csv).

Example of a file:

Sample Excel File

4. Click “Submit”

Note: your backlinks will start to be monitored in ~ 4 hours (depends on the number) after you have imported them.

III. Bookmarklet

Go to dashboard (you have to be logged in). Put the mouse over “My links” button in the menu, then click “Bookmarklet“.

Click bookmarklet

Follow these steps or watch the next video tutorial:

Important notes about your backlinks

  • Your backlinks are checked automatically every 3 days.
  • When one of your link status is changed, we will notify you by email.

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