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How to use Monitor Backlinks to neutralize negative SEO?

If you are a small business owner then negative SEO is something that you should know about. Historically if there were bad links to your site, Google just ignored them. But that is not the case after the Penguin update was rolled out. Your site will be penalized and ranked lower in the search results depending on the severity of the bad links.

What it means is that your business can go under if someone decides to build a few thousand bad links to your site.

It’s as easy as ordering a few fiverr gigs. A business worth hundreds of thousands can be destroyed with some fiverr gigs.

If more than 60% of your anchor text consists of the main keyword that you want to rank for, then it triggers the Penguin penalty. It doesn’t matter whether you built the links yourself or someone else did it, since the algorithms have no way of recognizing who built the links.

The wrong time to conduct a link audit is when you’re forced by circumstances to conduct one. When you’re hit with a penalty it hurts your business because most of your clients come from organic search. Any dip in organic traffic will cut short your profits and if you wish to prevent that then Monitor Backlinks is something that you need to consider.

It sends you reports whenever new sites link to your site and also when your site loses  any links.

If you were running a guest blogging campaign and someone decides to game you by removing the link, you will be notified immediately.

Since you are busy running your business you can leave the monitoring part to us and we will make sure that nothing hurts your to combat negative seo

What does monitor back links do?

In your dashboard you can classify and separate out the links based on their status.

combat negative seo by status

Status of the links:

  • 302 found
  • 302 not found
  • 400 bad request
  • 403 forbidden
  • 404 not found
  • 500 error
  • 503 error
  • no follow
  • ok
  • server down
  • moved temporarily

Monitor backlinks also makes it easy for you to understand if any if someone is building high PR paid links to your site. If anyone reports this to Google, you may receive a manual penalty.

combat negative seo page rank paid links

You can see the total number of backlinks that your site has


You can also see the anchor text diversity and to safe you need to have only 20% of the anchor texts as the money keywords.

combat negative seo anchor text report

Finally when you have identified all the bad links to your site just export them and put them in the Disavow tool and Google will take care of it.

With all the updates the best way to protect your business is by staying alert about it and we help you do that.



Darragh McCurragh

I didn’t know of the severity of “bad” backlinking in Google. However, if Google’s developers had their head on straight they would not approach this arena in that way. Why not just, say, treat everything above a certain threshold (you mentioned 60%) as if they were non-existent or no-follow links? That would do three things at once: a) neutralize whoever tries this blackhat SEO himself, b) mitigate any “fiverr gig” attacks and c) leave well-meaning whitehatters alone and safe (PLUS educate all in the community to refrain from overdoing any good thing).

Antoine| Best Made Domains

“If more than 60% of your anchor text consists of the main keyword ”
Is that a factual number, first time i am hearing this. I am glad i stopped by this is a neat little tool you have, every one should have something to track there progress, alert them when things don’t look right.

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