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How to track one or multiple backlinks

At Monitor Backlinks, we are often asked if users can track just a single backlink. Yes, you can do this, and there are several scenarios where this feature can be very useful:

  • You have bought a banner from a website for a few months, and you want to monitor if your agreement is respected.
  • You have just earned a link from an authority website, and you need to know if that link will keep providing SEO value.
  • Monitor your competitors most important backlinks.

If you are interested in monitoring one or more backlinks, you can do this by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Login to your account, click on “Backlinks” and select “Add new backlinks”. You can also click on the left menu “Add backlinks”. Both links will get you to the page where you can add the backlink you want to monitor.

 add backlink

Step 2

Scroll down and click on “Add a known link”.

manually add a backlink

Step 3

Now you are on the page where you can manually add your backlink.

1. Select where the link is coming from.

2. Where it is linking to. (Example: Your homepage)

add link

3. Add tags, so you can easily find your backlink later.

4. If you have any notes for this link, you can add them here.

submit your backlink

5. What is the anchor text used for this backlink. You can leave it blank if you are monitoring a banner.

6. If your backlink has an expiration period select the date from the calendar so Monitor Backlinks can check it’s status.

7. Click “Submit” and your link will be added to your account.

Monitor Backlinks will automatically check your backlink status and email you if it will be removed.

How to find your link

If you are interested in finding you link from your list of backlinks, click on “Filters” and add select your tag.

find your backlink

Monitor Backlinks will return all the backlinks that contain your tag.


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