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[New Feature] – Introducing The Best SEO reports found in an SEO tool

We are delighted to announce that we have just finished implementing the best SEO reports. The new unique reports allow you to filter your backlinks data in real time and get more insights about your SEO performance.

Monitor Backlinks now has a dedicated page with graphic reports. The greatest part of it is that you can  use all the filters available to generate different SEO reports, only with the backlinks you choose.

For each graphic report, you’ll be able to see the number of do-follow, no-follow and the backlinks you have disavowed.


These are the new SEO reports available:

1. TLD Distribution reports

In this chart, you can see at a glance your backlinks TLD distribution.


TLD distribution graphic reports


2. Hosting IP location distribution reports 

Get to know the location of the websites that are linking to you. This is very useful if you are doing local SEO.

Hosting IP distribution


3. Follow VS Not followed report

You can see how many backlinks have errors like: 404 not found, server down, backlinks not found and more. Also, get quick insights about the percentage of backlinks that are do-follow vs no-follow.

followed vs not followed report

4. Anchor text distribution

Because your anchor text distribution matters, we’ve included a graphic report to illustrate your most popular anchor texts.

anchor text distribution report

5. Most linked pages
Last but not least, we have integrated a module that tells you what pages of your website have the most backlinks.

most linked pages

How to use the best SEO reports

You can access your website’s reports from the upper side menu. To get specific reports about some of your backlinks, click on filters and choose how you want to sort your links. For example, you can create a report with all the backlinks that are do-follow or perhaps you need a report with all backlinks that have a Domain Authority above 20.

Give it a try and let us know how do you like it. Is there anything else you would like to see implemented? Do you have any suggestions for Monitor Backlinks?




Felix, awesome information. Im monitoring the backlinks of our website with monitorbacklinks, our site is dedicated to patents and trademarks in Buenos Aires Argentin, in spanish registro de marcas y patentes en Argentina. Thanks and keep posting !


That’s great to hear. We are happy to know you like our SEO tool and the new reports we have included.

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