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New Monitor Backlinks – Keywords Positions and New Design

Monitor Backlinks helps SEO’s, marketers and business owners track their link building process with ease.

Announcing the new version of Monitor Backlinks!

Over the last few months we have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how can we make Monitor Backlinks even easier to use and understand, to be more useful and less time-consuming.

Keyword positions

Average Keyword Position for you and your competitors

keywords graph

You are now able to quickly see your Average Keyword Rankings every week to track your progress.

On the same graph you can also see how your competitors are doing.

Other keyword features:

  • weekly keywords progress
  • individual keyword positions at a glance
  • keyword email reports
  • competitors keywords rankings

Read in detail about the keywords positions feature.

Track your progress

Track link building progress graph

When you get new links to your website, you can see the impact of those new links (good for SEO) on your Average Keyword Position in Google.

When your Average Keyword Position increases, you will be able to see how much more organic traffic you get from Search Engines.

New design

You can now find all your backlinks, keywords, anchor reports and other features by easily selecting the domain you want to work with from the beginning.

new monitor backlinks design

Don’t forget you have to connect your domain with Google Analytics.

connect your domain with Google Analytics


Weekly domain report

email keywords report

The best thing about the new version is that once you’ve added your domain name, competitors and keywords, you don’t have to spend time coming back to our website (unless you want to see more details), because every Monday you will receiv a weekly report of the changes that happened in the previous week.

  • keywords changes (up / down)
  • social mentions
  • organic traffic growth

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