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[NEW FEATURES] – Sort your backlinks by their index status in Google and external links

We have just introduced two news features that will give you more flexibility to sort your backlinks. Starting today you can sort your links by their index status in Google, and by the number of external backlinks found on the pages that link to your website. I will give you a quick tour of how you can use these new features.

How to sort your backlinks by index status

From your backlinks page, click on “filters” and then on “Index”. You can choose to see only the links with a specific index status in Google.

index status

Indexed – Links indexed in Google
PNI – Page not indexed in Google
DNI – Domain not indexed in Google
D+P – Domain and page not indexed in Google

If you want to see all the pages that are not yet indexed in Google, click on PNI and get a detailed report with all the backlinks pending to be crawled.

page not indexed

You can monitor when these links get indexed, and they will start to provide Page Rank. The Google bots crawling process can take from a few days to a few weeks.

How to sort your links by the number of external backlinks

You can now sort your backlinks by the number of external links. This feature can be very useful if you are trying to identify the low quality backlinks to your website.

To sort your links, click on “Filters” and then select “External”.

external links
To see the number of external links, hold your mouse over the red icon.

number of external links
This feature will display all the backlinks that have more than 100 external links. You can manually review these backlinks, and decide if they have any SEO value, or if you should try to remove them.



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