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SEO Schadenfreude: 7 SEO Fails from Big Brands That You Need to Avoid

Why do people revel in the misery of others? This concept, known as schadenfreude, is just one way of acknowledging the failures and mishaps of others. Instead of empathizing with them during their moment of weakness, people laugh at them instead. There’s a reason why shows like “America’s Funniest Videos” and “Ridiculousness” exist. There’s a certain …

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How to Benefit from Every Google Algorithm Update: Past, Present and Future

Google algorithm updates are moments in internet history. If you work in digital marketing, they might even mark significant moments in your career history. The biggest Google algorithm updates get their fair share of publicity thanks to our mile-a-minute news media. Why is something that’s so behind-the-scenes such a big deal? Nearly 75 percent of …

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