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How I’ve find out that I’ve got a Pagerank 5 backlink

I will tell you in this article how with the help of Monitor Backlinks, an SEO service that just got the coolest update, to get a Pagerank 5 backlinks.

I’ve wrote before Monitor Backlinks, saying back then that it is a tool that is indispensable by any SEO company or SEO freelancer and anyone that has big plans for his website or blog should use it.

Now I have changed what I think about it. It should be an SEO off-page tool that anyone should use it.

Because of a big update in June 2013, you don’t have to manually add your backlinks anymore. Links to your website or blog are automatically imported from Google Analytics.

Yes, you do need a Google Analytics account and to allow Monitor Backlinks access so the SEO Autodiscover feature can work. A lot of people would say that Google Analytics won’t see all the links to your website. Probably, I don’t know, I am not an expert, but I am pretty sure that if you don’t get any visits from a backlinks, Google won’t take that link too serious.

Pagerank 5 backlink

And because everything is linked togheter in life, I found out that I had a Pagerank 5 backlink from

Pagerank 5 from


It looks like you get a link from a Pagerank 5 site, every time a news story is approved. It never hurts to measure and follow in detail your traffic.




hello how does one remove a backlink that someone else done ?!

or a bitchy backlink due to competitors ?!

Razvan Girmacea

Hi Roberts,

Use Google Disavow Tool for that (from Google Webmaster Tools).


its ok or not to buy advertorial?

Razvan Girmacea

Yes, but don’t over do it and make sure that article offers some value to the readers.

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