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Ahrefs vs Majestic vs OSE by Moz compared to Monitor Backlinks

There are numerous SEO tools available, but time doesn’t allow us to use all of them. When you have to decide what SEO tool is worth your money, reviews are always the best to look for. In this post, I will analyze some of the most popular SEO tools available, which are: Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer by Moz and compare it to Monitor Backlinks.

In this article, I will be checking the backlinks of a website that I own. I will cover and compare each tool’s:

  • Backlinks checkers

  • Backlinks management

  • Most useful features

  • Prices

Without any further ado, let’s get down to the comparison: Ahrefs VS Majestic VS Open Site Explorer by Moz VS Monitor Backlinks.

Backlinks checkers comparison and review


I will start by checking the total number of backlinks shown for my website, by Ahrefs.

Ahrefs links

The result is 301 backlinks, which is close to the number I am aware of, and I expected to get. Out of these links, 150 referring domains and 220 links are dofollow. The detailed backlinks page is also showing very accurate metrics about my links, including social signals, number of external backlinks, the page where the link is pointing to, and when the link was last seen.

The Ahrefs backlinks checker gets a 5/5 rating. (for providing accurate information and useful insights about each link)

Majestic SEO

Now let’s see what are the results shown by Majestic SEO.

majestic links report

With the Fresh Index checker, the results are very intriguing as I am not aware of having 853 backlinks to my website. It gets even more confusing when I check with the Historic Index checker, and I am getting 7285 backlinks. My website is just one year old, and it has 250 backlinks according to Google Webmaster Tools, and never had more than 400 backlinks.

After a quick analyze of the backlinks, I can see the reason Majestic is showing some links that it shouldn’t have. It shows a lot of backlinks that Google ignores. Unfortunately, these links don’t provide real value to SEOs or marketers and should have been ignored by the Majestic’s crawlers. Some examples of these links, are websites feeds, as in the screenshot below:

majestic bad links

The Majestic backlinks checker gets a 3.5/5 rating. (for providing information that might be confusing to some SEOs and Webmasters )

Open Site Explorer

The next tool to check is Open Site Explorer, by Moz.

moz links

The total number of links is 284, coming from 63 root domains. Moz also provides some very useful insights, such as page authority, domain authority, social insights and most linked pages.

The result is close to the links provided by Ahrefs and Google Webmaster Tools. However, Ahrefs is more accurate, and it provides better insights than Open Site Explorer.

The Moz backlinks checker gets a 4/5 rating. (for providing accurate and useful metrics)

Monitor Backlinks

Now let’s move to the final SEO tool, and see how many links can Monitor Backlinks identify.

monitor backlinks checker

292 backlinks, from 140 referring domains is the total number of links. The details are accurate, and because Monitor Backlinks is using multiple sources to extract the metrics, it provides even more insights about each backlink.

The negative side is that the backlinks checker from Monitor Backlinks verifies only the top 1000 backlinks per domain.

The Monitor Backlinks checker gets a 3/5 rating. (for providing accurate information along with good details about each backlink)

Backlinks management comparison


In terms of backlinks management Ahrefs is great, as it allows users to filter the links by multiple metrics. You can find the latest backlinks as crawled, and identify the days when you earned the most backlinks.

ahrefs calendar

Some other important sorting filters include:

  • Lost links

  • Links by anchor texts

  • Referring domains – With new & lost backlinks

  • Referring IP’s

  • Most linked pages

  • TLD’s type (Governmental, Educational and others)

  • Gorgeous graphics with website’s backlinks.

Ahrefs backlinks management gets a 4/5 rating (for providing good information)

Majestic SEO

Majestic does a good job of providing some good metrics for backlinks, and their own ranking system called “Flow Metrics”.

You can check the history of each backlink, the new and lost links, anchor text distribution, the most linked pages, and a map with the referring hosting IP’s.

majestic map

How Majestic compares to Ahrefs? Considering their backlinks checker has shown some inaccurate links, I would say that Ahrefs is one step ahead of them.

Majestic backlinks management gets a 3/5 rating.

Open Site Explorer

OpenSiteExplorer by Moz is one of the most popular backlinks discovery and management tools. Without being that complex as Ahrefs and Majestic, OSE offers great insights about each backlink, along with important metrics.


Backlinks can be sorted by several filters, including Moz’s Page authority and Domain Authority.

Open Site Explorer backlinks management gets a 4/5 rating

Monitor Backlinks

The links management part is where Monitor Backlinks comes in to be one of the best SEO tools available.

Using Ahrefs API, Google analytics, Moz metrics and other resources, Monitor Backlinks combines all the information you need, in one place.

monitor backlinks management

Monitor Backlinks allows users to sort their links by several filters, add tags, check backlinks index status in Google, and identify redirects and errors.

Just as Ahrefs, Majestic and OpenSiteExplorer, Monitor Backlinks also provides details about anchor text distribution and it even includes a “keywords ranking tracker” for Google.

Unlike any of the other 3 SEO tools mentioned above, Monitor Backlinks does something unique by sending email alerts when your website loses backlinks or their status changes. For instance, link changes from dofollow to nofollow. It also reduces noise by highlighting the new links to your website.

Monitor Backlinks management system gets a 5/5 rating (for providing multiple metrics combined and new unique features)

Most useful features for Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer and Monitor Backlinks


What makes Ahrefs great are the graphics that provide visual statistics about your website’s performance in terms of backlinks, along with the accurate information.

ahrefs graphs

Ahrefs claims to have the largest index of live links. Judging by their backlinks checker accuracy, they are right.

One of the best features provided by Ahrefs is the comparison tool. You can compare your website’s metrics with your competitors and determine where you can improve.

Ahrefs’s features get a 4/5 rating.

Majestic SEO

Majestic is one of the most popular SEO tools, and it has a good backlinks checker along with one of the best keyword checker tools.

The complexity of the tool is high, and it can be overwhelming for SEO beginners.

The most important features of Majestic include:


  • Big historic index of backlinks

  • Keyword suggestion tool

  • Website comparison with competitors


Majestic SEO’s features get a 3/5 rating.  

Open Site Explorer

The backlinks checker provided by Moz has a few great features, and some of the most important ones include the “Just discovered” module and the “Compare Link Metrics” tab.


The comparison tool highlights how your website stands, next to your competitors, and gives good insights about improving opportunities.

The third most important feature is the module “Top pages”, which shows your most linked pages. This allows you to understand what content gets the most backlinks.

Open Site Explorer’s Features get a 3.5/5 rating

Monitor Backlinks

One of the most important features of Monitor Backlinks is the email alert. After connecting your domain, Monitor backlinks crawls for new links to your website every day, and sends email alerts when your website or competitors are gaining or losing backlinks. This feature helps you manage your backlinks portfolio like very few tools do.

Another important thing is that you can see in a glance how the new backlinks to your website affect your average keyword position in Google and the organic traffic. This is how you can determine what links have the most SEO value, and replicate them.


The third feature is the keyword ranking checker. Monitor Backlinks allows you to track your most important keywords and compares it to your competitors rankings.


Monitor Backlink’s features get a 4.5/5 rating (for having some unique and very useful options)

How the pricing compares

Each tool has it’s own benefits, but most of the time, the price is a selling point. These are the starting prices for each of the four SEO tools:

  1. Ahrefs plans start at $79 for a Professional Plan (3/5 rating)

  2. Majestic starts at $50 for a Silver Plan (3.5/5 rating)

  3. Moz subscriptions start at $99 (2/5rating)

  4. Monitor Backlinks plans start at $19.90 for a Start plan (5/5 rating)



Majestic SEO

Open Site Explorer

Monitor Backlinks

Backlinks Checker





Backlinks Management




















While Ahrefs, Majestic and Open Site Explorer can be complicated to use for the beginner and intermediate users, Monitor Backlinks is very easy and intuitive. It provides more SEO metrics as the other tools, for less money. What is even better, is that Monitor Backlinks offers some unique features, such as:

  • Email alerts with your new backlinks and links status changes. It checks for redirects, nofollow, errors and others.

  • Email alerts with your competitor backlinks, to easily keep up with their strategy.

  • Rankings comparison in Google with your competitors for your main keywords.

  • Graphics where you can determine what links have the most SEO value, and influences your average keyword position in Google.

  • The best backlinks management module.

What are you waiting for? Start a 30 days free trial today and determine if Monitor Backlinks is the right tool for your website.


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