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Google shows icons in titles and increases your CTR

Are you struggling to make your titles more appealing and sexy for the search engines? Would you like to increase your organic CTR in less than 2 minutes? Great, then this article is for you. I will show you how to make your website stand out in the search results.

Let’s start with a quick test. Which of the following snippets do you find more attractive? The first one with a boring title, or the other one with some nice icons?

titles with icons

Of course, you like the 2nd one better. That’s because an image correlates everything better than plain words. Combining titles with icons and structuring your data in Google Webmaster Tools can help you improve your CTR a lot.

How To Add Icons In A Page Title

So how do you make your titles show icons in Google? Simple, you have to use Unicode characters. There are numerous icons already available, and all you have to do is add the hex Unicode character into your titles. For example, the title with lemon icons will look like the one in the screenshot below.

title with icon example

The Unicode character for a lemon icon is: 🍋 .

Let’s say that you want to write an article titled “Recover from Google Panda and Penguin penalty”. You can customize your title and insert a panda and a penguin icon, and make it look like this:

example of icons in titles SEO
You can find numerous Unicode icons by doing a search in Google. To ease things up for you, here’s a website that has thousands of icons to choose from.

Have you tried inserting icons into your titles already? How is it working for you?


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