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The weekly email reports with your SEO progress

At the end of each week, Monitor Backlinks sends a detailed report with each user’s SEO progress. These reports show all the changes that have occurred in the last week and compares them with your overall progress. Let’s take a quick preview of these reports, and see what each module shows.


On the top of your email report, you will find:

  1. Your website’s Alexa Rank.

  2. Domain Page Rank

  3. Number of indexed pages in Google. Here you can see if Google has de-indexed any of your pages, or if you have any problems that are blocking search engines from crawling your website.

  4. A quick overview of last week’s traffic received from search engines. You can compare the traffic with your average keyword position. In a glance, you can see how the keyword rankings influences your traffic.

keywords activity

Scroll down, and you will find details about:

  1. Keywords activity in Google. Here you can find how many keyword’s rankings have gone up, or down.

  2. Organic traffic growth and the number of visits, compared with the previous week.

  3. Social interaction growth.

  4. Your best ranked keywords in Google compared to last week results

view and manage keywords

At the bottom of the table, you can click on “view & manage”, and you will be redirected to your Keywords Rankings page on your account. There you can find your detailed reports with all your keywords activity.

new links graph

Moving down on the weekly report, you will find:

  1. A chart with your new links compared with the lost backlinks.

  2. A quick overview of the links your website earned last week, along with their status.


Next on the report, you will find your overall domain statistics. Here, you can understand how the last week changes have affected your entire SEO campaigns.

The first chart shows your website’s links with a nofollow or dofollow attribute. Search engines ignore the nofollow backlinks, but they can bring traffic to your website.

backlinks indexed

The next chart shows the number of indexed backlinks in Google, compared with the ones that are not indexed.

The links that are not indexed can be either blocked by robots.txt, or Google has not crawled them yet.

links social stats

And the last graphic, shows the backlinks that have been shared on social media, compared with the ones that have zero shares. Usually the most important backlinks are the ones with high social media activity.

This is the weekly report that will show a summary of your backlinks and changes in Google. If you want to see a complete analyze or your website, you will have to login to your Monitor Backlinks account.



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