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It’s Time To Stop Writing Nonsense List Form Articles

Just like an invader, list form and Buzzfeed type of articles have taken over the internet. Everywhere you look, you’ll find these silly posts with ridiculous titles. Some might think that bloggers and readers love them, right? NO! It’s time to stop the madness.


stop madness


You just can’t build a quality and unique website by copying tabloids strategies. If you haven’t started writing such articles save yourself and don’t join the herd.


Let’s see how many top 10 articles are out there. A simple search in Google finds 288.000 results. Don’t you think that’s overdone? Do you want to be like everybody else?


top 10


The blogosphere is oversaturated with senseless articles. They promise something valuable to the reader, but in return they only deliver disappointment.


But it’s not just about top lists. What makes it worse are articles that seem to be written by eight-year-olds. You’ve probably seen already those titles “ X pictures that will make you lose faith in humanity “. Even if you are not following websites that publish such posts, you might have seen them on Facebook because one of your friends liked or commented on it.


It has become impossible to hide from these posts. They are everywhere. Google finds more than 60.000 articles with this title.




Do we want to annoy our readers?


If you want to build a solid website, respect your readers and give them articles that are worthy of their attention and time. Don’t just throw a few words next to a picture and a bad title. Now it’s time to stop. Be smart and while everyone else is still busy delivering nonsense posts, write well-researched articles on topics that matter.


What’s your opinion about list articles? Do you like or dislike them?


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